10/07/2012 - Last issue No. 7 of “PURIFAST-News”,
L.C.A. – Life Cycle Assessment for textile industry.
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Last Thursday June 14 the final conference of PURIFAST took place at Prato, in the “Palazzo dell’Industria” auditorium, with a very active presence of auditors, companies, experts and other actors involved in the wastewater treatment sector..
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PURIFAST Final Conference: The definitive programme of the conference is now available! June 14th at Auditorium of Palazzo dell´Industria, Via G. Valentini, 14 Prato, Italy.
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10/05/2012 - Green Week 2012 - May 23, 2012
The Green Week 2012 is approaching! The satellite event is: "Showcasing the advanced Tuscan experiences on sustainable use and management of water".
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With the need to safeguard the quality of freshwater supplies and reduce freshwater usage for potable purposes, there is the need to develop and demonstrate innovative technologies to increase the applications of wastewater reuse, in line with the objectives of the Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP).

In the last years, several researches have been realised to investigate processes for treating and recycling of textile wastewater and meet the requirements of the European Directive 61/96 “Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control” (IPPC) and the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC), which sustain and encourage water reuse and recycling applications. However, conservatism and constraints concerning the efficiency and the cost effectiveness of the investigated techniques have until now limited substantial water reuse in single textile industries and, in general, in textile districts.
To reach this target, novel advanced treatment processes that more efficient both on the technical and economic point of view compared to ozonation are needed. If these processes are founded, reuse of mixed effluents for industrial purposes will also spread in other areas in the EU characterised by a large presence of textile industries.

This need will be met thanks to the proposed project, that will demonstrate the technical and economic effectiveness of an advanced treatment system featuring ultrafiltration and sonochemical treatment for reuse in textile processes. The project will also show that this approach is applicable by single enterprises, it is also expected that the system will easily spread in the EU, so contributing to solving the environmental problems connected to the textile sector.

PURIFAST is a Life + Project financed by the European Commission within the Programme Life+ Environmental Policy and Governance 2007 –A1 Contract LIFE 07 ENV/IT/000439